Best ET: 10.46 Best MPH: 141.61
K20A2 w/Brian Crower Stroker Kit (2.35L)
Brian Crower Valvetrain & Camshaft
Ferrea Aluminum Roller Rockers
Full Race Exhaust Manifold
Precision Billet 6766 Turbo
Solid Technologies Air to Water Intercooler
Hondata K-Pro
K-Tuned A/C & P/S Delete Kit
Hasport Solid Billet Motor Mounts
EP3 Stock 5-Speed Transmission with Quaife LSD
Competition Clutch Twin Disc
Solid Technologies NHRA Certified 10-Point Roll Cage & Parachute Mount
After Hours Automotive Custom Drag Wing
Fastbreaks Custom Wilwood Front Drag Brakes
Tein SS-P Coilovers
Weld Magnum 2.0 Rims 15x8/15x3.5 M & H Tire’s 10x26x15/4.5x26x15